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Capture the moments that matter to your users

dscout Diary shows you the hard-to-get moments your team needs to ideate, generate, and optimize your experience.

Set and forget

Build multiple research activities—like product tours, customer deep dives, reflections—into a single study design, streamlining and maximizing your data collection time.

Omnichannel and in the wild

Your product is dynamic, so why isn’t your research design? Chart moments across mobile and web, giving customers the freedom to share what’s meaningful to them.

Adaptable and resilient

Start tagging data, asking follow-up questions, or pulling in collaborators right away—no need to wait. Modify your designs post-launch based on real-time learnings.

Verizon used dscout Diary to scale their prototype testing program - capturing more authentic, rolling feedback in the moments people truly use their products.

How might we go deeper with more flexibility?

Journey mapping

See how Credit Karma created a more actionable map that followed users across touchpoints, leveraging video and scale questions


Hear what the creator of Jobs to be Done thinks of dscout's abilities to extend his popular research framework.


See how a team of one used a single Diary study to create company-grounding audience segments that drove product development