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Powerful research in less time

Express offers usability testing and media-rich surveys for the fast feedback you need – via our unique blend of the depth of qualitative with the speed and scale of quantitative.

Move at the speed innovation demands

Within an hour of launch, you’ll be identifying trends from hundreds of customers. In less than 48 hours, you’ll be using insights to inform your next sprint or stakeholder check-in.

It’s up to the task

The cornerstones of usability testing are here – task prompts, heat maps, task success, session recording, automated transcripts and more to help you validate and iterate.

Redefining what surveys can be

Survey data is great for spotting trends, but adding card sort, open ends, video, and picture data provides deeper insights and real customer moments to improve stakeholders buy-in.

Brooks Running used dscout Express to quickly validate early hunches across a diverse participant pool.

One tool. Unlimited uses.

Get pulse checks on consumer trends.

Test a prototype pre-launch.

Improve your website experience.

Get hundreds of in-aisle moments instantly.

Dig into a persona group before interviews.

Gather design inspiration for a new launch.

Collect quick competitive intelligence.

Ask that one burning question to 1000s of users.