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Rich research on lean timelines

Express combines the depth of qual with the speed and scale of quant. Stop guessing and start deciding based on fast feedback from your customers.

Ask a little, learn a lot

In as little as 48 hours, source feedback from hundreds of customers, gleaning insights to inform your next sprint, design kickoff, or stakeholder check-in.

Automate what’s tedious

Built-in recruitment, incentive processing, and quality checks mean more time making data-driven decisions and less time wondering about ops or data integrity.

Research as a team sport

With an accessible builder and a single view for the entire process, Express is the choice for teams looking to empower collaborators and stakeholders to learn.

Brooks Running used dscout Express to quickly validate early hunches across a diverse participant pool.

One tool. Unlimited uses.

Get pulse checks on consumer trends.

Capture alpha feedback to sharpen ideas.

Create a voice-of-the-customer program.

Get hundred of in-aisle moments instantly.

Dig into a persona group before interviews.

Ask one burning question to 1000s of users.

Gather design inspiration for a new launch.

Collect quick competitive intelligence.