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The research interview tool

Stop kludging together platforms and start having more meaningful conversations with your customers. We’ll take care of the rest.

Streamlined logistics

Built-in ops tools let you focus on the participant. Schedule sessions, invite hidden observers, process incentives, upload stimuli, and manage NDAs in one place.

Quality? Check

With pre-session technical checks, Live ensures your interviews start—and stay—strong, maximizing your time with customers.

Discuss and analyze

Make notes, chat with colleagues, and set time markers in real time. After the session, highlight key quotes, tag themes, and edit together clips for deliverables.

Lenovo invited American Sign Language interpreters into a dscout Live mission with individuals experiencing hearing loss, allowing them to participate remotely from their homes.

How might we do more than interview?

Co-creation and ideation

How would a key customer segment refresh a feature?

Use screen sharing to find out and invite your product or engineering team to observe.

Prototype and concept testing

Conduct classic usability or evaluative studies.

Share a link and asking participants to think aloud as they navigate a new product flow.

Follow-ups and deep dives

Dig into themes surfaced during Diary or Express studies

This creates data triangulation, increasing confidence with your insights.