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Find the right people, right away.

dscout makes sourcing quality participants easy, bringing your insights to life with real people.

Quality makes the difference

Reduce no-shows, increase completes, and capture more expressive responses with the industry’s most active and engaged participant pool. In fact, we call our participants "Scouts" because they're held to a higher standard.

Committed to data integrity

Each and every Scout in our community is vetted and verified against our "Scout Standards," providing industry-leading transparency and control to reduce data surprises.

Auditions, not grids

Hand select the best-fitting participants for your research needs using fully-customizable screeners.

Relish Works recruited a nationally-representative sample of food service workers to run over 400 two-minute interviews in a matter of days.

Stop recruiting and start building

AI expressiveness filtering

Video and screen recording

Fast turnarounds

Powerful filtering and targeting

Bring your own sample

Opt-in/out control

Demographic diversity balancing

Seamlessly add to studies

Use our participants or bring your own

Our Scouts are engaged and at-the-ready, but sometimes you need to hear from your own users. And dscout makes private panel management a breeze.

Next Up

Run research on your timeline

You've picked your audience, now it's time to build your study. And dscout helps you run research whenever, however, and wherever you need.