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Go beyond the deliverable

With highlight reels, integrations, and democratization tools, bring your stakeholders into the research and watch your insights activate.

Human-centered share outs

Video reels, photos, and thematic word clouds put your customer at the center of product experience recommendations.

Collaboration you control

Whether it’s a public share page, a dedicated Slack channel, or silently observing a session, dscout makes it easy to engage your stakeholders on their (and your) time.

Perspective brings action

Nothing motivates action quite like empathy. dscout brings the customer vantage point directly into your data, creating views that are exclusive and undeniable.

Intuit QuickBooks shared dscout data with stakeholder groups to solve recurring problems more effectively and at scale.

Sharing options to match your organization:

Flexible viewer seats

Metadata-linked copying

Robust export options

Face blurring on video

Invisible session observers

Slack, Miro, and Figma integration

Password-protected share links

Video playlist builder and editor

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