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dscout for Communications

Better connect with your audience using research tools you can rely on

Use quality, thoughtful human insights to make informed business decisions.

Why choose dscout for communications organizations?

Understanding your audience and their needs is paramount. With dscout's innovative research tools, you can uncover actionable insights to drive engagement, loyalty, and impact in the ever-evolving communications industry.

Audience understanding

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience's preferences and behaviors and refine your strategy and messaging. From recruitment to analysis and shareout, dscout can help you gather, distill, and utilize customer feedback.

A range of methods

We’ve got your go-to unmoderated or moderated methods. From surveys, in-depth interviews, usability testing, and more—we have the tools you need to pull the right insights quickly.

Real-time feedback

Get feedback on both your timeline and your participants’ timelines. With dscout's real-time feedback capabilities, you can gather instant insights in the moments that matter and adapt your organization’s strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

How communications companies utilize dscout's research tools

Content strategy optimization

Digital marketing agencies use dscout to test different content formats, messaging tones, and visual elements to optimize their clients' content strategy.

Brand perception studies

Public relations firms conduct diary studies to gauge public sentiment toward a client's brand, messaging, and recent campaigns.

Media consumption patterns

Broadcasting companies leverage dscout to analyze audience media consumption habits, preferences, and trends to inform programming decisions.

Reach specific audiences

Communications departments within large corporations use dscout to quickly source and select from our diverse pool of over 100,000 highly engaged participants...or they can bring their own for private screeners.

“With dscout, we can target really specific audiences. I’m not necessarily going to find somebody who’s local in Seattle and uses the T-Mobile Tuesdays app once a week. But I can screen for that in dscout and get hundreds of participants who are willing to participate tomorrow. Reaching those targeted audiences is really powerful.”

Andrea Lindeman
Principal User Experience Researcher @ T-Mobile

Ready to elevate your communications organization with actionable insights?