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Research ideas

Gain valuable market insights with dscout

Competitive research helps you learn how your product, brand, or organization stacks up against others in the space.

Ways to use

See exactly where you’re winning (or losing) your audience through competitive analysis research with dscout

Competitor shop-alongs

Witness your participants' shopping experience with on-site videos showcasing them in the marketplace. These videos can help you understand customer preferences and allow you to tailor your products, services, or experiences to meet their expectations.

Product and services enhancement

Learning from competitors can inspire innovation and improvement. Gather insights into what they are doing well and identify areas where you can make improvements. Share results with your team by exporting research metadata into different formats to compare your findings versus competitor ratings.

Test your competitor's website

Gain valuable insights about how people react to your competitor's site. Run a usability test on dscout, include task-based questions and heat mapping, and identify interactions and friction points that may be affecting their user experience.

Inform business decisions

Interviews are perfect for observing audience reactions and emotions—positive or negative—regarding their experiences with competitors. Compiling, editing, and sharing those responses with your stakeholders gives you an advantage for making more informed decisions.

“I needed rich data, not only close-ended answers but actually photos and videos...we were able to create a flexible study that worked well with the participants’ schedules.”

Key Features

Your competitive analysis toolkit

Optimize your competitive research and uncover critical insights that enhance your product experience against the competition.

Always available export options

Easily compare competitor findings with our intuitive and flexible export options.

Video playlist builder

Create, edit, and export a video reel featuring those "aha!" moments from your moderated or unmoderated interviews with our playlist builder.

Moderated or unmoderated interviews

See your users’ reactions and listen to their experiences to better understand their perspective and uncover opportunities within the market. Easily launch and analyze these interviews in dscout's Live or Express tool.

Forward-facing video responses

Understand user context with compelling visual content. Collect forward-facing videos and photos and get a holistic view of their surroundings during competitor experiences.

Continuous screen recording

Don't miss a single insight when testing your competitor's site with continuous recording. Record your participant’s screen for the entire session and obtain an automatic transcription of their reactions and feedback.

Usability metrics

Gain a deeper understanding of your user's experience during a usability test and access valuable quantitative insights using metrics such as task completion, effort rating, and time on task.

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