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Research ideas

Unlock evaluative insights with usability testing

Understand your users, validate prototypes, test concepts, and optimize live products on your timeline with dscout.

Ways to use

Usability testing with dscout helps you evaluate user experience with speed and clarity

Explore early concepts

Put early-stage ideas in front of your audience to determine which direction you should go—or if you're even headed in the right direction.

Test prototypes pre-launch

Validate the usability and effectiveness of your product before launching by gathering early feedback on user experience.

Improve your website experience

Gather insights about how people experience your site and identify valuable interactions with power-up questions and click-mapping events.

Optimize your product

Run continuous task-based tests to see how effective and efficient your product is, or find new use cases from customer feedback.

“Getting a glimpse of the users’ body language on video was really enlightening because we really care about their attitude and perception—particularly when it’s a new product.”

Key Features

Your usability testing toolkit

Discover how customers interact with your product in real time. With dscout's full suite of flexible research tools, you'll stay ahead of the curve and make data-driven decisions to enhance your product's user experience.

Task questions

Ask participants task-based questions to uncover their thought processes and decision-making. Dive even deeper with follow-up questions to gain quant insights behind their actions.

Talk Out Loud prompts

Capture the most genuine user experiences as participants vocalize their thoughts during a usability test. Understand reactions, concerns, and expectations in real time.

Heat mapping

Quickly visualize where people are clicking on your prototypes and see color coded zones with our Figma integration.

Card sorting

See how users think about important topics and terminology by placing cards into a set of categories.

Continuous recording with auto-transcription

Don’t miss a single insight with automatic transcription of sessions. Save time and uncover hidden gems with dscout's full-session recording.

Playlist builder and export options

Craft video playlists and reports with “Aha!” moments from your study, then easily share those valuable insights across your organization.

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