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Pluie’s dscout Research Provided Product Proof-of-Concept Within 24 Hours

Pluie was onto something with its revolutionary baby product concept. By using dscout Diary, they identified whether it aligned with their audience and could inform a future Go-to-Market strategy.

Before Pluie Co-Founders, Addie Gundry and Brittany Hizer, began design work on their self-cleaning and self-sanitizing, diaper-changing tables, they wanted to run iterative, quick product validation. Research that could shape what they pitched to prospective clients and inform the mission and strategy of the company.

To do this, they turned to dscout.

The problem:

According to Addie, the typical diaper-changing stations lack the three C’s: cleanliness, comfort, and convenience. So she knew that there was an opportunity to seize on this gap in the market and provide a necessary solution for parents all over the world.

But she lacked hard evidence.

Addie: "I hadn’t talked to potential customers yet and started to think, ‘Do people really use a changing table or do they just avoid it? Do they not even go into the store?"

And so, Pluie partnered with dscout in order to get insights from people outside of Addie’s close network.

They recognized a number of different benefits from using the platform: validating the original product with a broad sample of users, while also collecting different forms of media to leverage for future customers.

Addie: "I will never forget the first mission. I loved seeing the validation of the original concept. I thought, 'Wow, we really did do a great job. And we address a lot of people's concerns.'

But then the pandemic hit. Not only did it change the way that people interacted with everyday objects like public restrooms, it also changed the way parents interacted with (or don’t interact with) diaper-changing stations.

Again, all they had was a hunch that things had changed and they needed insights to prove their hypothesis. Luckily, dscout was able to provide a national pool of diverse scouts to help.

The solution:

They launched a survey as well as a dscout Diary mission to capture in-the-wild, changing moments for parents.

Brittany: We were so pleased that we were able to pull together the survey questions so quickly with [dscout’s] help. We were able to see 150 responses within what felt like a couple hours after the mission was launched.

Addie: We launched a mission and had answers with good media and visuals within 24 hours. And that's amazing right now as the world changes so quickly. That alone has been really helpful for us—just how fast we were able to get data flooding in.

The impact:

Addie and Brittany were able to create a wealth of material to let parents—customers of major retailers—do some advocating on behalf of Pluie. It also allowed them to inform critical strategic decisions for the future of Pluie.

Brittany: "I think what was a big aha moment is just how much the research would impact our go-to-market strategy and marketing language. And we've used so much of the keywords from the word cloud in our language, whether that's the website, or our pitch decks."

With dscout’s help, Pluie was able to jump over the hurdles of the current research climate. Coupled with the speediness of the research, they were even able to build the strategy as they were taking meetings from potential clients.

Addie: "When I think of research, I think it's expensive and it would take a long time. And I found with dscout that it's the opposite. It's doable and it's fast.

This research helped us identify and sketch out a broader product portfolio strategy going beyond the diaper changing table."

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