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15 Tips for Navigating GenAI as a UXR

Ready or not, GenAI is here. We’ve conducted research with UXRs in the field so that you can feel prepared.

Guide by Karen Eisenhauer

The prospect of GenAI as a user researcher may feel intimidating.

Does this mean you’ll be out of a job soon? Is it possible to create these products with an ethical focus?

We've been talking with researchers of all backgrounds to evaluate how GenAI is impacting the present and future of UXR.

Three ideas we focus on in this guide
  1. Pace: Keeping up with tightening development cycles

  2. Focus: Being torn between usability and exploratory research

  3. Priorities: Being torn between growth and ethics

Navigating GenAI as a UXR

Put yourself ahead of the curve

It's more than possible to navigate these challenges with a proactive approach. From establishing organizational values to putting yourself in the decision-maker room, these insights will put you on the right path.

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