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Field Reports 9/14/2021

A Change of Pace with Brooks Running

Connor Skutches of Brooks takes us through how the Run-Sight Lab leveraged dscout to elevate their remote research and connect with runners in 2020.

Ideas 9/9/2021

User Research x Product Teams: How to Build a Stronger Partnership

Working closely with product managers, designers, and developers not only enhances the user experience, but sets the foundation for user research growth.

Ideas 9/9/2021

Try These Approaches to Interview Note-Taking (Your Future Self Will Thank You)

Save time in analysis, and dedicate more attention to your participants, with these approaches to note-taking.

Field Reports 9/2/2021

Motivating Mindfulness: Headspace's Cross-Functional Commitment to Delighting New Members

As new users turned to Headspace for mental wellness, Headspace turned to dscout to pinpoint their key motivations.

Ideas 9/2/2021

User Research x Account Management: Tips for Successful Cross-Team Collaboration

Through their work with customers, account management and service teams have a wealth of knowledge on the user. Working closely with them can help you unlock more of the user’s goals, needs, and pain points.

Ideas 8/25/2021

Elevate Your Moderated Research with an Interview Guide

Don’t let moderated research get the best of you, we’ve found your secret weapon. Interview guides keep key questions at the forefront and ensure your best insights are never cut short.

Ideas 8/18/2021

Building a Successful User Research and Product Management Relationship

To develop strong collaboration between these teams, it helps to understand the needs of each group and set clear expectations. We uncover some common causes of confusion and discuss FAQs product managers ask about user research.

Ideas 8/18/2021

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Qualitative Interviews

Even the most experienced interviewers fall victim to interrupting a participant or asking a leading question. Taking note of when these occur and actively working to avoid them can put participants at ease and encourage unbiased insights.

dscout 8/18/2021

Camera...Action! 7 Impactful Ways to Leverage dscout's Video Question

Video prompts are more than just open-end question replacements. Here’s how to leverage video to unearth insights you’d miss via any other modality. 

dscout 8/16/2021

Elevate your Shopping Studies with Lindsey Kite

UX Research Advisor, Lindsey Kite, walks us through her go-to sample design and shares a few tips on getting started with dscout.

Ideas 8/12/2021

A Complete Guide to Remote International Research Logistics (Updated 2021)

When it comes to effective international research, the devil is in the details. Use these essential detail-management tips to create the environment for an effective study.

Ideas 8/12/2021

7 Ways to Get Regular Feedback as a User Researcher (Even as a Team of One)

Asking for feedback can be uncomfortable, but giving your team or stakeholders the opportunity to share thoughts on your work can give you a new perspective and help advance your career.

Ideas 8/5/2021

Make Every Step of Your Research Process More Efficient: Advice for Solo (or Bandwidth-Low) UXRs

Here are our best tips for small teams looking to make a big impact with tight turnaround times. 

Ideas 8/5/2021

Research Roadmaps: A Tactic for Greater Org-Wide Alignment (Template Included)

Creating a shareable roadmap of your research efforts can help you better prioritize your work and better demonstrate that work’s value.

Conversations 7/29/2021

Positive Deviance: Rachael Dietkus on the Abundance of Empathy and Curiosity

Social Workers Who Design Founder and Principal, Rachael Dietkus, takes us through her journey of blending social work with design and the untapped collaboration potential between the two sectors.

Ideas 7/28/2021

The Power of Prototyping: Tackling “Wicked” Problems with Design

Prototypes are often used as a tool for testing assumptions, but they can bring so much more to the table. Discover how great prototypes can provoke new ways of thinking and ultimately drive social change.

Ideas 7/28/2021

Building a Team that Wants to Stay: Tips for Properly Onboarding User Researchers

Two days isn’t enough when it comes to adjusting to a new company. We take you through how to create a solid onboarding experience and why it matters to your employee and your organization.

Ideas 7/22/2021

International and Cross-Cultural Experience Research: Advice from Five Experts

We asked a handful of experts to share their experience conducting international research and any advice they have for others when navigating this space in-person or remotely.

Field Reports 7/20/2021

Equitable Access As Experience Strategy

How OJO Labs’ Larcombe Teichgraeber used dscout to inject empathy into the home-buying process and support an equitable experience design.

Conversations 7/15/2021

The Meta-Discursive UX Practice

Taylor Klassman on the reflexivity of researching researchers and the trends she’s seeing across an in-demand and maturing field.

Ideas 7/14/2021

A Never-Fail Usability Testing Checklist

Make sure every usability test goes off without a hitch. We’ve built a robust checklist to ensure you’re prepared for everything prior, during, and after the test.

Conversations 7/7/2021

When Your Product Is Your People

Lisa Madokoro and Taylor Kim of Shopify’s Talent Insights & Research team on building meaningful human experiences when the “users” are your colleagues.

Ideas 7/6/2021

Finding the Intersection Between Market Research & User Research

Similarities between user research and market research can often be the cause of conflict, but harnessing the differences of each department can actually be the key to a fruitful relationship.

Ideas 7/1/2021

How (And When) Should We Ask About Ethnicity? Use These Principles for More Inclusive Demographic-Gathering

We re-designed the way our participants discuss their ethnicity within our platform. Here’s what our research taught us about how users want to report their multi-racial identity.

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