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Ideas 8/11/2022

Blend Surveys and Interviews for the Best of Both Worlds

Go beyond mixed methods and blend methods. We show you how to make the most of surveys and interviews, combined.

Podcast 8/4/2022

Podcast Episode 5: Salt, Fat, Acid, UXR?! (w/ Samin Nosrat)

Samin Nosrat, known for her Netflix show and cookbook, shares how her love of food reflects on user experience.

Podcast 7/28/2022

Podcast Episode 4: Data Decisions (w/ Dr. Peter K. Enns)

Cornell Professor and Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Peter K. Enns knows a thing or two about rigorous studies. We walk through an overview of some of his tips.

Ideas 7/27/2022

6 Steps for Launching a Seamless UX Mentorship Program

Offering a UX mentorship program at your company can hugely benefit everyone involved—but there are some pitfalls to avoid.

Podcast 7/21/2022

Podcast Episode 3: Designing a Design Museum (w/ Tanner Woodford)

What actually constitutes good design? And what is a designer’s role in an organization? We investigate with Tanner Woodford.

Ideas 7/21/2022

Mix Up Fresh Studies with These 4 Uncommon UXR Methods

Using the same methods over and over again can make your research methods and results dull. Consider some new studies to mix it up.

Podcast 7/13/2022

Podcast Episode 2: The Video Game Experience (w/ Veronica Zammitto)

UX video game expert Veronica Zammitto has brought her expertise to Electronic Arts for almost a decade. Hear her insights on engaging entertainment.

Ideas 7/13/2022

Introduce Small Studies to Your Org with the Bento Box Program

If your organization has high demand for research and limited staff, the “bento box” training program might be right up your alley.

Podcast 7/7/2022

Podcast Episode 1: Fandoms (w/ Dr. Paul Booth)

Cinema and Media Studies professor Dr. Paul Booth dissects the differences between the “average consumer” and a fan, and what we can learn from studying fandoms. 

Ideas 7/7/2022

Employees with a Values Fit Are More Likely to Stay. These UX Research Tips Will Help You Find Them.

In the age of job hopping and high employee turnover, leverage user research to find (and keep) your team.

Ideas 7/7/2022

Navigate UX Research at a Large Software Company with this Easy Primer

Working for an enterprise company specializing in software development brings its own unique challenges. Learn the space with this introductory guide.

Ideas 6/30/2022

Pride Year-Round: The Hopes, Fears, and Joys of 52 LGBTQIA+ Community Members in 2022

Pride happens one month out of the year. Here’s what LGBTQIA+ people had to say about supporting the community the other 11 months.

Field Reports 6/30/2022

How Relish Works Used dscout to Address the Rapidly Changing Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry is complex and continually changing. Here’s how Relish Works and dscout teamed together to better understand the food service employee experience—through 400 rapid-fire interviews.

Conversations 6/23/2022

Bridging the Talent Gap Between Silicon Valley and East Africa Through UX

Shipra Kayan’s company Siriforce is bringing QA careers to college-educated refugees. She wants to see more companies like it.

Ideas 6/23/2022

The CHANGE Canvas: A Plug-and-Play Brag Sheet for Your UX Accomplishments

Use this six-step framework to track and prove the value of your research.

Ideas 6/16/2022

Having Trouble with Stakeholders? Try Treating Them as Users

It’s easy to get frustrated with stakeholders who don’t see or value your vision. But what if you’ve been approaching them in the wrong way all along?

Conversations 6/16/2022

Skilling and Scaling Equity Research at Instagram

Dr. Stacey Houston II has leveraged his research on equity into inclusive product changes at Instagram. Here’s how he’s leading the charge.

Ideas 6/9/2022

A Step-by-Step Guide to Usability Testing [with Template]

Usability tests are a powerful way to understand how users interact with a service or product. This guide shows you how to avoid common pitfalls.

Ideas 6/9/2022

When Should You Use Design Sprints for User Research?

Design sprints help teams complete insightful research in a small amount of time. Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Ideas 5/25/2022

Harness the Power of Users' Unmet Needs

Tapping the unmet needs of users is a hidden gold mine. So, what’s the right approach to get that valuable information? We have a few tips.

Ideas 5/25/2022

Triangulate User Research Data for Better Outcomes

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury to work with large sample sizes. Using triangulation in a strategic way can help make up for that.

Field Reports 5/19/2022

Translating Principle into Practice

Explore how dscout supports Lenovo’s commitment to access and diversity across its product ecosystem.

Ideas 5/19/2022

When a Group Interview is Actually a Good Idea

Group interviews or focus groups are often a poor fit for a project. But when your users’ real-world environment calls for a group setting, this method is a powerful tool.

Ideas 5/12/2022

How to Avoid False Insights in Your Research

It’s easier than you’d think to glean false insights in your research. Here are some of the common mistakes researchers make—and how to prevent them.

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