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Ideas 1/20/2022

Embracing Subjectivity: Using Autoethnography in UX Research

How combining immersive observation with self-reflexivity makes for an impactful research method.

Ideas 1/19/2022

The Challenge of Evaluating Research Ethics

Though created to protect participants, company Institutional Review Boards can do more harm than good. But by making them less formal, both participants and researchers can benefit.

Ideas 1/13/2022

Day in the Life Studies: A Unique Method for Gathering User Context

Use this immersive study to dictate a direction for future projects and get a better understanding of who your user is. 

Ideas 1/12/2022

The Systemic Under-Rating of Rest, Silence and Hobbies

[dscout x HmntyCntrd] How to cultivate a self-care regimen in a society that de-values our well-being.

Conversations 1/11/2022

Grow in Your Craft or Your Leadership? How to Evolve as a UX Designer

UX leader, Ashton Snook, chats with us about the balance of UX research and design, securing design’s seat at the table, and his advice for getting started in the industry.

Ideas 12/27/2021

The Corporate Playbooks Used to Combat Organizational Trauma (And Why They're Not Enough)

Design professionals report on organizational trauma—and the inadequate ways their orgs address It.

dscout 12/20/2021

Collaborative, Impactful, Inclusive: dscout Product Updates in 2021

Recapping the most need-to-know product updates and feature releases from the year.

Ideas 12/16/2021

The IMPACTS Framework: Activate Your Insights and Keep Your Research from Being Shelved

Use this seven-part framework to ensure your work lives beyond your final share out. 

Ideas 12/16/2021

Come Together: Reasons to Include Participatory Design in Your Research Process

Strategies for working with your participants beyond interviews and why their partnership is extremely valuable. 

Ideas 12/15/2021

Turning Devil’s Advocate on Devil’s Advocacy: It’s Time to Stop Debating People’s Lived Experiences of Racism

[dscout x HmntyCntrd] Why provoking disputes around others’ lived experiences has no place in design (or anywhere).

Conversations 12/9/2021

Smarter UX Democratization

Julie Norvaisas on the promise (and potential) of democratization and building a resilient and adaptable team in the wake of the current work reality.

Ideas 12/9/2021

Where Preference Testing Goes Wrong (And What We Should Do Instead)

Preference testing can often result in misleading data. The reason? Hidden biases that highlight reflexive ways that people make choices.

Ideas 12/8/2021

How to Refresh Your UX Workshops

It’s easy to lean on the same types of workshops, but to ensure your goals are met and participants are engaged, it’s important to explore new techniques.

Ideas 12/1/2021

Left Behind: 300+ UXRs on What Makes for an Adequate Research Project Timeline

A People Nerds original investigation uncovers how much time UXRs really “have” to conduct their work and what happens time runs short…or out.

Ideas 12/1/2021

Buying Time: A 6-Approach Framework For User Researchers with Tight Project Turnarounds

Over 200 participants describe a go-to approach to securing more project time.

Ideas 12/1/2021

What’s the Most Efficient Org-Structure for User Research? A Look At Stakeholder Alignment Across Team Types

300 user researchers told us about their project timelines, their stakeholder expectations, and their org structures. 

dscout 11/30/2021

Bake Express into your Product Roadmap

Use quick-turn, mixed-data feedback to jumpstart (and align) your product development process.

dscout 11/30/2021

From Research Consultant to CXR

Maggie Schurr (Lead Research Advisor at dscout) highlights unique challenges consultants face and advice for more human-centered research.

Ideas 11/17/2021

Becoming the User

Why we need to put ourselves in our users’ shoes both to better empathize and identify areas where we can improve their experience

Ideas 11/17/2021

To Ask or Not to Ask? How to Design Research for Difficult Questions

Tips for matching the question to the method and identifying which inquiries can’t be researched.

Ideas 11/17/2021

Level Up Your Usability Tests with SUS and SEQ

See the pros and use cases for each technique and which caveats to look out for.

Conversations 11/11/2021

Learning to Let Things Break

Executive Design expert Emily Henlein shares how she advocates for ‘indirect actions’ to prioritize wellbeing and why future designers have a secure seat at the table.


When Blackface Goes Digital: How to Go Deeper Than Cosmetic Diversity

[dscout x HmntyCntrd] How anti-Blackness plays out in digital spaces and tips on how to go beyond cosmetic diversity.

Ideas 11/10/2021

Three Approaches to Tagging that Bring Clarity to Qual Data

Explore what tagging is, where to use it, and how to ensure it works towards your synthesis goals.

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