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Ideas 6/10/2021

3 Effective Methods for Content Tests (Beyond Usability Testing)

When testing content, usability often identifies the problem—without giving you much direction on how to fix it. Try a cloze test, recall-based test, or highlighter test instead. 

Ideas 6/10/2021

Use These 3 Exercises to Become a More Creative Researcher

Use these techniques to break out of a research rut and generate compelling insights from your next study.

Ideas 6/9/2021

Harness the Power of Secondary Research in UX

While doing primary research for every project is ideal—it’s not always realistic. Refine your research question and save time/resources by incorporating secondary research.

Ideas 6/3/2021

Insights, Enhance! Using Product Analytics to Supplement Qual Research

Use these two approaches to support your qual research with the quant data most important to your stakeholders. 

Ideas 6/3/2021

The True Value of User Researchers: When to Hire, and How to Best Utilize, a UXR

All companies can benefit from dedicated researchers on staff. Here’s how to make the case for the value of qualitative insights.

Conversations 5/27/2021

Prototyping for Pluralism: Design as a Means for Social Change

Project Pluralist founder Hina Shahid takes us through her career and explains why now is best the time for designers to make a social impact.

Ideas 5/27/2021

Get Early, Critical Feedback Before You Launch: Try Alpha and Beta Testing

Alpha and beta tests can help ensure that any major bugs or experience improvements can be made prior to your product/feature being fully developed. We walk through example tests and use-cases. 

Ideas 5/27/2021

How to Start a Rolling Research Program (An Easy 9-Step Process)

Rolling research programs boost your stakeholder’s research acumen, while providing a steady stream of quality insights. Here’s how to kick-start your own.

Ideas 5/20/2021

Your Research Career Roadmap: How to Get Started, Level Up, and Lead in UXR

Explore our best resources for research career growth in one bookmarkable guide.

dscout 5/20/2021

Iterative Study Designs: Why (and How) to Follow Up on Qual Research

Iterative studies are an incredible tool expanding on your insights. Dive into a handful of use cases and pull inspiration from our study on remote learning.

Ideas 5/13/2021

The Practical, No Nonsense Guide to Starting a Career in User Research

There is no “right” path for becoming a user researcher. We walk through tips for accumulating the skills you need to get started in UX with a flexible budget and schedule.

Conversations 5/12/2021

Contribute Meaningfully: The Power of a Research Strategy

Chris Geison walks us through the distinctions between “strategic research” and “research strategy” to unpack how the latter is the key to improving team bandwidth and securing a seat at the table.

Ideas 5/6/2021

How to Conduct Research on Sensitive Topics (8 Experts Weigh In)

UX researchers exploring sensitive spaces share their best practices for creating a respectful study. Here’s how they ask tough questions and prepare for impactful answers.

dscout 5/6/2021

Insights Three Ways: Express Mission Designs For A Range of Outputs

We wanted to know about young adults’ pandemic experience. We designed three, quick-turn Express missions—each of which produced vastly different (but widely valuable) types data. 

Field Reports 5/6/2021

Understanding How Remote Learning Is Changing Our Relationship with Nature

Stanford University’s Veronica Lin and the Social Ecology Lab used everyday moments to spot trends in at-home learning and compare two models of content delivery.

Ideas 4/29/2021

How to Write More Effective Usability Testing Tasks

Construct more realistic usability testing scenarios without sacrificing reliable data. See which mistakes to avoid and explore our example tasks.

Ideas 4/28/2021

Create Personal Development Plan: A 4-Step Process for Growing as a Researcher

Advancing in your career can be as confusing as it is rewarding. To help clarify your next move, try replicating this action plan.

Ideas 4/28/2021

Websites, Apps, Omnichannel: Researching the Full Digital Experience (+ Sample Study Designs)

Users switch between desktop and mobile seamlessly—so why do we study them in a silo? Here are a few qual research tactics that’ll help you uncover the complete digital picture.

Ideas 4/22/2021

Research Design Lessons from Uber's Mixed-Method, 7-Market, 100+ Participant Study

An ambitious longitudinal study informed the global Uber Pro launch. Use the team’s learnings to guide your next long-qual research project. 

Ideas 4/21/2021

A 9-Step Process for Prioritizing User Research Projects

Plus: a template you can use to better “grade” your project requests. 

Ideas 4/21/2021

6 Typical Stages of the User Research Job Interview (And How to Prepare for Each)

Advice from a hiring manager on each phase of the UXR interview process—from your first HR screener, to your final offer call. 

Ideas 4/15/2021

Ideating with Artifacts: A Blueprint for Workshops that Create Unignornable Insights

An inside look at Stitch Fix’s ”Passport to Personalization” workshop—an innovative way to socialize dynamic customer personas. 

Ideas 4/14/2021

Beyond Brainstorming: 5 Essential Tips for Smarter Group Ideation

Group ideation is too important to leave to chance. These key principles will help you balance both the art AND science of running productive, inclusive—and fun—ideation sessions.

Conversations 4/8/2021

Listening Beyond the Lab

Ximena Vengoechea literally wrote the book on listening. Here’s her advice for richer conversations—both in and outside of the workplace.

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