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dscout 11/30/2021

Bake Express into your Product Roadmap

Use quick-turn, mixed-data feedback to jumpstart (and align) your product development process.

dscout 11/30/2021

From Research Consultant to CXR

Maggie Schurr (Lead Research Advisor at dscout) highlights unique challenges consultants face and advice for more human-centered research.

Ideas 11/17/2021

Becoming the User

Why we need to put ourselves in our users’ shoes both to better empathize and identify areas where we can improve their experience

Ideas 11/17/2021

To Ask or Not to Ask? How to Design Research for Difficult Questions

Tips for matching the question to the method and identifying which inquiries can’t be researched.

Ideas 11/17/2021

Level Up Your Usability Tests with SUS and SEQ

See the pros and use cases for each technique and which caveats to look out for.

Conversations 11/11/2021

Learning to Let Things Break

Executive Design expert Emily Henlein shares how she advocates for ‘indirect actions’ to prioritize wellbeing and why future designers have a secure seat at the table.


When Blackface Goes Digital: How to Go Deeper Than Cosmetic Diversity

[dscout x HmntyCntrd] How anti-Blackness plays out in digital spaces and tips on how to go beyond cosmetic diversity.

Ideas 11/10/2021

Three Approaches to Tagging that Bring Clarity to Qual Data

Explore what tagging is, where to use it, and how to ensure it works towards your synthesis goals.

Conversations 11/4/2021

Throwing Flowers to Yourself

Nikole Arguedas outlines a community-based practice for building leaders, sharpening research practices, and injecting gratitude and empathy into our workflows.

Ideas 11/4/2021

4 Reasons Why Tech is Political (And What We Can Do)

[dscout x HmntyCntrd] Product Designer Anna Mészáros highlights why the tech space is deeply political, what it means for our systems, and what we can do to ensure a better influence.

Ideas 11/4/2021

8 Workshop Ideas to Activate Insights & Align Stakeholders

Eight UX-perts share their preferred workshop formats to generate new ideas, stretch what’s possible, and determine marching orders.

Ideas 10/28/2021

The "Highs & Lows" Approach to Product Testing

Use this flexible design to identify marker moments, whether that’s for candy or your UX.


Stop Fearing the “Professional" Participant (They’ll Benefit Your Next Study)

[OPINION] Our concerns about bias may lead us to reject our most engaged panelists.

Ideas 10/28/2021

Spooky Sample Sizes: Choosing “The Right” Number of Research Participants

It’s easy to feel intimidated when people question your sample size. The trick (or treat) is choosing the right method and backing up your data with additional research.

dscout 10/26/2021

Bringing Quant to a Qual Party

Research Lead Rosalind Koff shares her strategies for mixing methods and a template to keep your projects on track.

Ideas 10/13/2021

Slice and Dice Your Data: Crosstabs 101

Analyzing your data is an extensive process, learning how to use crosstabs effectively can save you time while also giving you a clearer view of your insights.

dscout 10/7/2021

Using Private Research Panels for Ongoing, Rapid Customer Feedback

CXR Research Advisor Lauren Duquette highlights the advantages of using private research panels and how to build one on dscout.


Navigating Uncharted Waters: Researching Products that Don’t Exist Yet

We walk (or swim) through how to research potential products WITHOUT asking the taboo question, “Would you use this in the future?”

Ideas 9/30/2021

Finding the Right Scenarios for Internal Testing

Even though internal testing is no replacement for speaking with users, it can be a free, easy gut check in the right situations.

Ideas 9/29/2021

From Chaos to Clarity: How to Prioritize Your Qualitative Insights

If the post-research, “What do we do next?” question frequently trips you up, it might be time to do some mixed-methods research.

dscout 9/28/2021

The Opportunity and Evolution of Digital User Research

CXR Lead Tim Rairdon highlights the unique insight opportunities of mediated research and walks through his preferred jobs-to-be-done template.

dscout 9/28/2021

Choose the Right Tool for the Job: Advice from Scouts

Understanding which projects your participants enjoy most not only enables better insights but creates a better experience for everyone.

Conversations 9/22/2021

From 1:1 to 1:Many—Humans, Artefacts, & Ecosystems Thinking

“Rethinking Users” authors Michael Youngblood and Ben Chesluk alongside illustrator Nadeem Haidary redefine “users” to design for an ecosystem.

Ideas 9/21/2021

User Research x Executive Teams: Aligning on Company-Wide Initiatives

Establishing a regular share out cadence with leadership ensures that research is prioritized and impacts the entire organization.

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