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Ideas 5/31/2023

Kick Off Proactive Research with Question-Gathering Workshops (+ Guide)

Instead of prioritizing one-off requests, bring multiple departments together with a workshop designed for long-term impact.

dscout 5/31/2023

dscout Named a Leader in Experience Research Platforms

We’ve earned the highest scores possible in 15 criteria. Explore the evaluation criteria and see what it means to be a “Leader.”

Ideas 5/31/2023

The 5 Stages of Successful Customer Journey Maps

A customer journey map gives you insight into how your users interact with your product. Here are five best practices to help you make one. 

Ideas 5/23/2023

How to Get a Full Picture of Customer Satisfaction [+Guide]

Sometimes NPS doesn’t do the trick. Here are other methods your team can employ to really understand customer satisfaction.

Ideas 5/23/2023

The Ultimate Guide to UX Research Methods

Look no further: This deep dive has how-tos, best practices, and prime advice on key approaches to user research.

Ideas 5/16/2023

Audition Research Participants First with Screener Surveys

Not all participants are created equal. Here’s how to screen out the wrong ones before it’s too late.

Ideas 5/16/2023

These FAQs from Product Managers May Surprise You

Understanding your product managers is key to a successful research relationship. Read some of their burning questions.

Ideas 5/15/2023

How to Present Research So Stakeholders Sit Up and Take Action

Use these 10 tips to keep your research reports actionable, informative, and fun.

Ideas 5/11/2023

4 Major Questions on the Minds of UX Industry Leaders

After two days of discussion, dscout’s VP of Research shares what surfaced for the builders and scalers of UX.

Ideas 5/9/2023

How to Lay the Foundation for a Dynamic UX Team

Before you scale up a research team, you need to build up your managerial skills first—and get organizational backing.

Ideas 5/8/2023

11 Usability Testing Metrics to Enrich Your Reporting

Use these metrics the next time you need to support your qualitative insights with quantitative data.

Ideas 5/3/2023

When Does Statistical Significance Apply to Your Research?

Sometimes asking about statistical significance isn’t the right question. Here’s when to know if you’re on track.

Ideas 5/3/2023

To Prevent Harm, Look To Ethical Design Tools

“Move fast and break things” no longer has its charm. Here’s how your company can design products ethically and sustainably.

Ideas 5/2/2023

17 Pro Tips to Perfect One-on-One Interviews

Make the most of your user research session with these tactics meant to improve prep, flow, and evaluation.

Conversations 4/26/2023

The Future of Research and Insights Is Fully Integrated

Salesforce’s Yakaira Núñez sketches a sustainable, impactful future for research and insights teams, integrating them throughout the organization.

Ideas 4/25/2023

Issues with Data Gaps? Wrangle 'Em Together with Triangulation

If you haven’t had much experience with triangulation it may feel intimidating—but this guide will help get you started.

Ideas 4/24/2023

How to Write and Present a Winning UXR Case Study [+Outline Template]

Learn how to tell your project’s story—all while showing off your own skills.  

Ideas 4/19/2023

Trouble with Stakeholder Buy-In? Include Them More in the Process

If you bring in stakeholders the right way, they’ll be engaged, empowered, and ready to act on your findings. Our experts tell us how to achieve this goal without losing control or your stakeholders’ interest.

Ideas 4/18/2023

How to Include Engineers in Your Day-to-Day Research Activities

Engaging engineering peers in UX research can be beneficial to everyone. Here are some tips to get started.

Ideas 4/17/2023

How to Write Actionable User Research Summaries [Checklist + Examples]

Want a great way to provide colleagues and stakeholders a quick, actionable snapshot of your research insights? Here’s how to create summaries that do just that.

Ideas 4/12/2023

How to Engage Stakeholders in Research for Better Outcomes

Having invested stakeholders can make or break all of your work. How do you cultivate great relationships for many projects to come? We conducted a study to find out.

Ideas 4/11/2023

Get the Best of Both Worlds with a Hybrid Team

Running an unembedded team in UXR gives you the capabilities to have rigorous standards and run more lean. Here’s how you can approach it, no matter your current team makeup.

Ideas 4/10/2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Remote User Research: How to Unearth Essential Insights

This guide is a true start-to-finish look at effective, efficient, and powerful remote user research. By the time you finish it, you’ll feel confident tackling almost any research question or methodology remotely.

Ideas 4/6/2023

dscout's New VP of Research Has a Vision for the Future

Julie Norvaisas took time away from the field to re-energize. Now she’s ready to bring a fresh vision to the future of UXR.

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