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After the Readout: Ensure Your Research Drives Action

Eniola Abioye Founder of UX Outloud and Lead UX Researcher at Meta

Eniola Abioye (Founder of UX Outloud and a Lead UX Researcher at Meta) joined dscout to dig into the details of driving research impact. She walks through how to craft an actionable story, and what metrics to highlight beforehand, and shares tips on how to hold stakeholders accountable.

During the webinar, you will…

  • Learn how to align your research roadmap with the product roadmap
  • Get advice on how to level-set with your stakeholders from the beginning
  • See examples of what metrics to highlight and measure against
  • Discover how to build a knowledge base the whole team can reference

To learn more about Eniola and her work, visit


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