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The CHANGE Canvas

Use this plug-and-play brag sheet for all your research accomplishments through a six-step framework.

Guide by Devin Harold

It's one thing to talk about your research results—it's another to fully and persuasively demonstrate them.

This canvas creates a tangible artifact for describing, visualizing, and assessing your achievements all in one place.

  • Creative direction
  • Hard data and metrics
  • Advocacy
  • New priorities
  • Generative focus
  • Enterprise-wide strategy or maturity

What's inside

✔ Keep your research from being shelved

Articulate impacts to your leader, get credit for your work, and take your career to the next level.

✔ Leverage your canvas at the right moments

Use its contents as a tool to ground conversations, frequently refer back to, and add to over time.

✔ Ask yourself motivating questions

Learn how to tell the right stories that help your accomplishments shine.

✔ Update as needed

This format makes it easy to continually update your CHANGE Canvas to keep up with your career.

The CHANGE Canvas

A Plug-and-Play Brag Sheet

Use this straightforward template to demonstrate what you're capable of.

Bring together all your biggest research accomplishments in one place, with a persuasive and dynamic format.

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