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Your Guide to Setting Up a Customer Satisfaction Practice

Sometimes NPS doesn't do the trick. Here are other methods your team can employ to really understand customer satisfaction.

Guide by Nikki Anderson-Stanier

How do you define and measure customer satisfaction?

This new approach helps you navigate both performance and perceived satisfaction with relevant metrics that go beyond NPS.

Use this guide to understand your customer experience from end-to-end, then unearth insights that will serve your team far into the future.

What you'll find inside

✔ Understand general user experience

What are the stages people go through when evaluating your product, and what different touch points do they have during their experience?

✔ Identify levels of support throughout the journey

Between qualitative feedback, customer support tickets, product analytics, and more, gather relevant information to move forward.

Decide on metrics

Which metrics best illustrate the journey your customers take, and their level of satisfaction? Thinking about SUS and UMUX-Lite is a start.

Bring together qual and quant data

Pull together a variety of data to ensure you have a greater understanding of the dynamics at play.

Customer Satisfaction Practice Guide

Get to the bottom of what really makes customers tick

With a thoughtful approach, diversified data, and relevant metrics, your team will hold the blueprint to keeping customers happy for years to come.

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