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5 Ways KEEN Used dscout to Forecast and Develop Seasonal Apparel

From screen recording interviews to rapid recruitment and diary studies, learn how KEEN used dscout to develop a new line of upcoming products.

Predicting the next season’s trends for your own brand’s product development takes foresight and savvy.

This asset gives an overview on how sustainable footwear company KEEN’s Director of Fan Insights, Aura Nelson, leveraged dscout to power their iterative research process—resulting in revelatory insights and product opportunities.

Inside, you'll discover how KEEN...

✔ Rapidly recruited

See how they used dscout's Express tool to get feedback from the right type of fans on a short turnaround.

✔ Investigated how customers shop

Explore how dscout’s diary tool allowed the team to explore pain points and needs with a variety of fans.

✔ Learned fan style preferences

See how the team benefited from in-depth studies with images and visuals, aggregating their findings into tangible insights.

✔ Aggregated comprehensive vision boards

Check out examples of inspiration boards that helped KEEN understand their product direction.

5 Ways KEEN Used dscout

Get a snapshot of retail use cases

It’s an ongoing challenge to accurately predict the products your fans will love.

See how KEEN synthesized a variety of research methods with dscout to make the right calls.

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