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Storytelling for User Research Presentations

Are you making the most of your shareouts? Here's how to create UXR presentations with impact.

Guide by Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Present research that stakeholders won’t want to miss. Throughout the duration of this six-day email course, you'll learn how to make shareouts that resonate.

What's in the course

Tips for getting stakeholders to care about your findings

Find stakeholder interview questions, strategies for writing actionable insights, and workshops to try as a group.

A stakeholder satisfaction survey template

Learn what questions to include and get advice on when and how to present this.

Advice and answers for difficult stakeholder questions

Questions like “How do we know these findings are significant?” and “Why should we prioritize these findings?

Notes on how to write an executive summary

See how Dropbox approached usability testing and the impact it had on their study.

Storytelling for UXR Presentations

Frame findings so they truly resonate

User research only makes an impact when you can persuade stakeholders to act on findings. These storytelling techniques will help you get there.

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