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Co-Lab Continued: GenAI Panel + Q&A

Kevin Johnson at dscout, Katie Johnson at Yohana, Michael Winnick at dscout, Meredith McDermott at Duolingo, Liz Jernegan at Amazon Web Services, and Karen Eisenhauer at dscout

A panel discussion with research leaders around AI's limitations and potential.

Learn what to consider as you research AI, the imperative for UXR to shape GenAI, and how their companies are approaching AI products, features, and integrations.

Enjoy the session from Co-Lab below, and explore other GenAI topics including Navigating "New," LLM vs. NLP, and GenAI at dscout here.

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We’re developing GenAI tools that work with you (not in place of you)

See how dscout is approaching AI technology and get a sneak peek of the tools we’re building to support fellow researchers.

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