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Build and Scale a Dynamic User Research Team

From getting stakeholder buy-in and securing your first hire to expanding the team's capabilities and cultivating a human-centered organization—this playbook will support you every step of the way.

Guide by Andy Warr

Set your team up for success. In this playbook, Research and Insights Leader, Andy Warr (Dropbox), takes you through his experience establishing and scaling research teams at Airtable, Google, and Meta—and shares actionable advice for building a formidable research team of your own.

What's inside

Build a case for a team

Identify (and confirm) the need for a research team and ensure your stakeholders are invested.

Design the structure

Explore four operating models and learn which is best for your goals and team size.

Start hiring researchers

Determine how many researchers to hire and get recommendations on who to hire first.

Foster healthy growth

Learn to manage ratios and understand when it's time to reevaluate your team composition.

Build + Scale Your User Research Team

Rome wasn't built in a day

How you build your team can make a massive impact across your organization. Learn how to scale with forethought so your team fits together seamlessly.

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