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Your Guide to Cross-Team Collaboration

Drive research impact by collaborating with different teams across your organization.

Guide by Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Create better relationships, workflows, and deliverables by aligning user research with functions across your organization.

This guide walks you through improving your work with product teams, account management, sales/marketing, and the C-Suite.

What's inside

✔ Recognizing teams’ unique goals

Even certain roles within the same team may have varying goals. Understanding where those teammates are coming from is a great place to start.

Identifying how to support

Check out individualized plans that fit best with the respective teams’ goals.

Creating opportunities for collaboration

Get the inside scoop on which methods may correlate best with different departments’ needs.

Establishing a shareout cadence

How often should you meet with customer support versus sales or executives—and how should you share those insights? It’s all here.

Cross-Team Collaboration Guide

Open new pathways in your organization

When other departments buy into user research, everybody wins. This guide shows you how to make it happen.

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