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Your Guide to Unmoderated Shopping and Retail Research

Complete with best practices and templates, this tactical guide shows you how to approach your next retail research project with confidence and ease.

Guide by Laurel Hartnett Brown, Sam Masi, and Belinda Nam

Conducting user research in the retail space is especially complex.

How do you get the most authentic insights from your customers? What kind of methods and tools are best to use?

This guide walks you through shopping and retail research step-by-step, with several templates to assist in your next project.

What you'll find inside

Why retail should conduct research

Educate stakeholders on the biggest reasons unmoderated research benefits their brand.

How to benefit from remote research

Learn how remote research methods in particular can help with "in the wild" shopping experiences.

Best practices unique to the industry

Consider when and where video is most appropriate for your study.

✔ Templates and examples

Explore the variety of ways media-rich research helps you uncover insights.

Unmoderated Shopping + Retail Research Guide

Next-level research is at your fingertips

Grab your templates for media-rich studies—and start finding concrete answers for your biggest retail questions.

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