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The Usability Testing Guide for UX Designers

If you need a strong foundation to learn about usability testing, this is the resource for you.

Guide by Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Looking for the right resource to conduct usability testing as a UX designer?

Learn how to plan and scope a project, write usability tasks like a pro, then analyze and share the results with your stakeholders.

With templates, examples, and case studies, you'll be ready to dive in!

What you'll find inside

Planning and scoping

Determine if usability testing is the correct method for your study and create clear goals.

Task writing

Use several handy formulas to create tasks that put participants on the right track.

Analysis and shareout

Learn the best way to analyze data and create an impact for stakeholders.

Case studies and examples

See how Dropbox approached usability testing and the impact it had on their study.

Usability Testing for UX Designers

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Don't let usability testing intimidate you. With this guide in hand, you'll be ready to scope projects, write tasks, and shareout in no time.

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