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Co-Lab Continued: Levers for Flexibility + The Anatomy of a Team

Gregg Bernstein at Hearst Magazines, Marissa Dulaney at Acorns, Joey Jakob at Wattpad, Roy Opata Olende at Zapier, and Karel Vredenburg at IBM

In this Co-Lab session, we pair two panels to create some tensions and debate points.

Levers for Flexibility:
We’ll discuss how we are building flexibility in our practice as we are increasingly asked to do more with less, integrating more people into the research process, and taking advantage of new tools and technologies.

The Anatomy of a Team:
Organizational models for UXR are always in flux—requirements for today’s team continues to shift. UX Leaders will share emerging models and approaches other functions have taken to increase the effectiveness of their teams.

Enjoy this discussion from Co-Lab below and be sure to explore other panels from the event including: From Post-it Notes to Balance Sheets, Doing it Right, Doing it Well, and the GenAI Q&A here.


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