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How to Design a Media-Rich User Research Survey

In this tutorial, Ben shows you how to design media-rich qualitative feedback surveys using the dscout Express platform.

Here's a quick rundown of what you'll learn:

First, we'll discuss the power of UX research survey language (0:55). Ben will explain why it's important to ground participant responses in an activity and how to use "show me" language instead of "tell me" language.

With tip #2 (3:13), you'll learn how to structure and ask your most important questions using media prompts—and why you should use open-ended questions sparingly.

Lastly (5:28), we'll show you how to inject quant into your qual survey feedback and code data (for easier and speedier analysis) with closed-ended questions.

Get free to the data from the example study. Dive into the (free) dscout project.

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