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Guide: How to Conduct Effective Mixed Methods Research

The most rewarding research often stems from the trickiest problems.

Mixing research methods can shed light on tough questions like “Should we build this?” or “What do people think of this?” but is often seen as complicated and resource-intensive.

To prove the critics wrong, we’ve assembled an "everything-you-should-know" guide to mixed methods research. In it, you’ll find the resources you need to conduct meaningful, effective research in a way that works within your internal constraints.

What's Inside

  • Understanding the benefits of mixed methods research
  • Advice on choosing your methods
  • Hacking mixed methods to adjust to time/resource constraints
  • Tips for analyzing an in-depth research project
Download our Guide to More Manageable Mixed Methods Research

Mac Hasley is a writer and content strategist at dscout. She likes writing words about words, making marketing less like “marketing,” and unashamedly monopolizing the office’s Clif Bar supply.

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