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User Research Presentation Templates (For Google Slides + Keynote)

When you complete a research project, your work is far from over.

Now you have to share what you learned with your stakeholders.

Short on time, design resources or inspiration? Help is on the way!

We built a customizable deck based on how we share our research with some of the world's most impactful companies.

Whether you're just looking for advice or want a deck that can help you scale your project shareouts (and therefore, your time spent on doing research)—use it to take your deliverables to the next level.

What's Inside

  • Advice from research pro Nikki Anderson on presenting research that stakeholders notice and use (downloadable PDF)
  • Professionally designed master slidedeck used by our in-house research team to design + deliver shareouts
  • Customizable slide layouts we use for sharing qual + quant, quotes, videos, images (solo + grids), and more.

Ready to get started? Download the templates here

Have questions about using dscout for research? Let's talk!

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