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UX Research Prioritization Template

It's easy to get overwhelmed with tasks from competing projects, stakeholders, and initiatives. This simple template helps you keep it all together.

Guide by Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Do you feel like your attention is pulled every which way when you're conducting research?

Are you having trouble figuring out which tasks to prioritize and how to get everything done on time?

This downloadable and customizable spreadsheet will help you prioritize your tasks with ease, so you can finally get to the most important work first.

What you'll find inside

Work type

Determine whether your work falls into categories such as thinking time, meetings, initiatives, or learning.

Impact level/scale

Is the work you're doing meant for individual stakeholders, or is it cross departmental or organizational?

Effort level

Consider how much time, attention, effort, and energy will you have to put into a particular task.

Enjoyment level

While it may seem a little silly, you're likely to be more productive and creative with tasks you enjoy.

UX Research Prioritization Template

Get your priorities straight

Don't let all the tasks you need to do overwhelm you. With this customizable template, you'll have a crystal clear idea of what you need to focus on—so you can get the most important and most impactful work across the finish line.

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