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Researching Gen Z: Design for Your Future Users

Learn how to design research that connects with your Gen Z customers of the future, featuring research strategies from Brilliant Experience's John Whalen.

Featuring John Whalen, Ben Wiedmaier

Generation Z is 61 million buyers strong, with $143 billion in collective spending power (and growing).

To reach an emerging cohort of digital natives, companies must rethink how they approach learning about their users of the future.

Brilliant Experience's John Whalen is leading the charge on design research that resonates with Gen Z—and sharing expert tips on how to learn from this crucial demographic.

Watch for a deep dive on...

  • Why Generation Z is crucial to the survival of your brand, product, and experience
  • How to craft a research approach that resonates with this consumer group
  • A case study showing how to design consumer research on Gen Z that identifies trends within a category
  • A quick approach to analysis that can get you from capturing moments to delivering insights in an afternoon.

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