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Give This Usability Quant Testing Template a Try

Usability tests are a powerful way to understand how users interact with a service or product. This template leads the way.

Guide by Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Break usability testing down into three areas:

  1. Effectiveness: Whether a user can accurately complete tasks and an overarching goal
  2. Efficiency: How much effort and time it tasks for the user to complete tasks and an overarching goal accurately
  3. Satisfaction: How comfortable and satisfied a user is with completing the tasks and goal
What you'll find inside

✔ Break down metrics

Split your usability testing into different tasks, create a participant summary, and demonstrate how participants succeeded or failed across tasks.

✔ Make recommendations

Clearly display issues on specific pages and lay out the recommendations UX offers to improve each page.

✔ Look through detailed examples

See how to calculate usability metrics based on different tasks, including an aggregated task summary score.

Use it time and again

Come back to this template whenever you need ideas, inspiration, or examples to kick off your next quantitative usability testing project.

Usability Quant Testing Template

Translate your usability testing into action items

Understanding how to quantify different aspects of usability testing may feel overwhelming. This template makes it easy to rank different tasks and deliver new ideas for solutions.

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