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Guide: Convert Usability Testing into Clear Action Items

Guide by Cori Widen

Maybe you're fairly familiar with conducting usability tests. But how can you analyze those tests and convert them into truly actionable insights?

This guide zooms in on the often overlooked latter part of the usability testing process, to help you achieve maximum effect.

What's inside

✔ Design effective usability testing analysis

Learn how to approach testing with insights in mind, from aligning with research goals to co-analyzing with a colleague.

✔ Divide wins and opportunities

Split up your testing results into positive insights and opportunities for improvement.

✔ Rank and prioritize action items

Take a look at the insights you gathered, stack them up against your key KPIs, then order by priority.

✔ Consult with relevant stakeholders

Decide who will take which high priority tasks and delegate accordingly.

Convert Usability Testing Into Clear Action Items

Follow a clear step-by-step process

Start with your research goals—then walk away with a list of actionable insights you can assign to team members, ordered by priority.

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