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Monthly UXR Newsletter Template

It's easy for your valuable insights to get lost in the shuffle. Creating a monthly newsletter is one way to stand above the noise.

Guide by Nikki Anderson-Stanier

When your team is juggling multiple projects or working with a variety of stakeholders, it's important to communicate updates without overwhelming your audience.

A monthly newsletter sent out to your stakeholders is a great way to round up the highlights (without peppering them with smaller updates).

This template provides copy you can cut and paste—plus an overall structure of what a monthly update could look like.

What you'll find inside

✔ Cut and paste copy

No need to reinvent the wheel. Lift certain copy you can use time and again for future newsletters.

Examples of persuasive insights

Work from several examples that show how to lay out your insights in a clear and helpful way.

How to talk about overall themes

Worried about throwing too much at the wall? Subject groupings help you get started (and stay on track).

Ideas for discussion

The best newsletter is one that stakeholders engage with! The discussion ideas included will get the ball rolling.

Monthly UXR Newsletter Template

Hot off the presses

Make a monthly newsletter that your stakeholders can't wait to read—and watch buy-in and engagement soar.

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