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Insights Activation Roundup: How to Make an Impact with Your Findings

Delivering insights brings you to a pivotal, make-or-break moment—will your research have real influence? We help you stack the odds in your favor.

Words by Kris Kopac, Compilation by Ben Wiedmaier, Visuals by Allison Corr

Contrary to popular belief, the job of a user researcher is much more than just "doing" studies. While conducting research is one very important aspect of the job, translating user data into insights—then sharing with stakeholders to provoke action—is the mark of a pro.

Here's our guide to get you launching, analyzing, compiling, and sharing insights better. Because nobody puts baby (or your insights) in the corner.

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Analyzing and synthesizing data

Before you can deliver a dazzling presentation, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the data behind your insights. Peruse these articles and bookmark whatever speaks to you, from quant to qual.



From Chaos to Clarity: How to Prioritize Your Qualitative InsightsIf the post-research, “What do we do next?” question frequently trips you up, it might be time to do some mixed-methods research.Article
Use These "Quick Quant" Research Methods to Back Up Your Qual FindingsYou can't actually "quantify qual." But pulling in quant data to support you qual findings may make your results more impactful.Article
Insights, Enhance! Using Product Analytics to Supplement Qual ResearchUse these two approaches to support your qual research with the quant data most important to your stakeholders.Article
Prove the Value of Your UX Research Insights with a Benchmarking StudyBenchmarking studies let you know how (and if) your insights are improving user experience. Here's how to conduct one.Article
Stuck? Here are 9 Ways to Analyze User Research for Meaningful TakeawaysA research pro shares a few tricks for energizing your research synthesis—even if you’re not excited about your qualitative data.Article
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Telling stories with user data

Whether it's with a lot of numbers or a lot of diary entries, storytelling is the foundation of impactful insights. These resources help you weave together the threads of aligning stakeholders, writing compelling insights, and working on implementation.

How We Can Tell Better StoriesTelling a good story is more than a beginning, middle, and end. Meg Ferrill of The Moth and Nimbly breaks down the fundamentals of storytelling.Q&A
8 Workshop Ideas to Activate Insights & Align StakeholdersEight UX-perts share their preferred workshop formats to generate new ideas, stretch what’s possible, and determine marching orders.Article
How Might We Statements: A Powerful Way to Turn Insights into OpportunitiesHow Might We statements translate your insights into actionable design solutions. Here's how to use them.Article
How to Write Actionable User Research Summaries (With Checklist + Examples)Want a great way to provide colleagues and stakeholders a quick, actionable snapshot of your research insights? Here’s how to create summaries that do just that.Article, checklist
How to Write Compelling User Research Insights in 6 StepsWe're often reminded of the importance of "sharing insights." But advice for how to define an insight—and how we should be writing them—is vague at best.Article
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Crafting powerful, participatory presentations

The spotlight is on you. But don't worry about stage fright—with the right preparations in place, all that data synthesis leading to unique insights has laid the groundwork for a powerful presentation.

How to Write and Present a Winning UXR Case StudyLearn how to tell your project's story—all while showing off your own skills.Article, outline template
How to Present Your Research So That Stakeholders Take Notice and Take ActionUse these 10 tips to keep your research reports actionable, informative, and fun.Article
7 Ways to Ensure Your Research Insights are Heard and Acted UponIf your insights are shared in a report, but no one is there to read it, does it even make a sound? Use these tactics to guarantee your findings are met with "wows" and action instead of "huhs?" and "mehs."Article
Share Findings on the Fly with Spontaneous Talks FrameworksSometimes neither you nor your stakeholders have the time for a full presentation. These hacks allow you to present information on a short timeline.Article
Weave Storytelling into your UX PresentationsStorytelling is a persuasive tool. Leveraging it in the right way can compel your team to take meaningful action.Article
8 Collaborative (and Fun) Ways to Communicate Insights RemotelyTimes have changed—and so should the way you share insights.Article
12 Research Deliverables and When to Choose ThemThe right research deliverables let your team act on research insights. Here's how to get the most out of them.Article
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Giving legacy projects the love they deserve

There is little worse than toiling on a project for months, only to have the insights disappear into obscurity. These resources help you keep the spirit of your studies alive, for many months and years to come.

The IMPACTS Framework: Activate Your Insights and Keep Your Research from Being ShelvedUse this seven-part framework to ensure your work lives beyond your final shareout.Article, downloadable PDF and checklist
Have Research Insights Collecting Dust? Here's How to Activate ThemSharing research insights doesn't mark the end of your UX journey. See how to activate those insights and make a real impact.Article, template
Maximize Impact in Your Org with a Monthly UXR NewsletterIt's easy for your valuable insights to get lost in the shuffle. Creating a monthly newsletter is one way to stand above the noise.Article, template
6 Common Research Implementation Roadblocks—And How to Move Past ThemWe asked leading researchers at Target, Google, and Even how they go from "distilling great insights" to "getting something done about them." Here are their top tips.Article
A Change of Pace with Brooks RunningConnor Skutches of Brooks takes us through how his Run-Sight Lab leveraged dscout to elevate their remote research and connect with customers.Case study
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Kris is a content creator and editor based in Chicago.

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