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Ideas 2/22/2023

When It Comes to Research Ops, Sometimes You Have To Get Scrappy

After switching from academia to business, Janelle Ward learned just how important research ops were—and how to advocate for them.

Ideas 4/13/2022

Advice for Simultaneously Managing the Team and the Craft

As you progress in your UX career, you’ll likely wear two hats: manager and individual contributor. Clear documentation and communication with your team is critical to finding a good balance between the roles.

Ideas 3/30/2022

Why UX Researchers Should Revisit Academic Resources

Explore a few examples of academic materials from the past that can help future UX research.

Ideas 3/10/2022

Transfer Your Academic Skills to the World of UX

While switching industries may feel like a daunting change, it helps to remember that you’re not going alone—you’re bringing years of expertise with you. Below, we explore how to best incorporate prior knowledge into your UX practice.

Ideas 2/17/2022

From Academia to UX: Understanding User Research Lingo

While research is a key proponent of both areas, how it’s conducted and communicated differs widely. Here’s what you need to know to succeed in the space.

Ideas 1/20/2022

Embracing Subjectivity: Using Autoethnography in UX Research

How combining immersive observation with self-reflexivity makes for an impactful research method.

Ideas 11/17/2021

Becoming the User

Why we need to put ourselves in our users’ shoes both to better empathize and identify areas where we can improve their experience

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