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All About AI: Perspectives From UXR Leaders

Includes leaders from Duolingo, Amazon Web Services, Yohana, and dscout

Gain insight into how AI works, its limitations and potential, what to consider as you research AI, the imperative for UXR to shape GenAI, and how dscout is approaching AI integrations.

Watch the six lightning talks on topics including:

  • GenAI and ML Basics for UX and Insights
  • Removing the Rose-Tinted Glasses of GenAI
  • High-Level Learnings From 18 Months in the Field: Reflections on Designing Relationship-First Products With and For Users
  • UXR on Duolingo Max: From Dogfooding to dscout
  • Navigating “New”: The Tensions of New GenAI Tech for UXRs
  • GPT Needs UXR, and dscout’s Approach to AI/GenAI Product Development

Plus, be sure to join the conversations in our People Nerds Slack community.

We’re developing GenAI tools that work with you (not in place of you)

See how dscout is approaching AI technology and get a sneak peek of the tools we’re building to support fellow researchers.

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