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Question Gathering Workshop Template

Instead of prioritizing one-off requests, bring multiple departments together with a workshop designed for long-term impact.

Guide by Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Use this question-gathering workshop to understand and align with your stakeholders on a larger scale.

Invite relevant stakeholders, gather the questions they have, and group together and prioritize themes.

By the end, you'll have aligned stakeholders from multiple departments with a big-picture action item list.

What you'll find inside

✔ Workshop agenda

Customize your own template based around a two-hour workshop with roughly 7 participants total.

✔ Goals and outcomes

Clarify what you plan to get out of the workshop before everyone begins the brainstorming process.

✔ Brainstorming and prioritization

Complete with icebreakers and question sharing, this process will allow everyone to feel seen and heard in an organized way.

Concrete next steps

Walk away with a clear plan for what will happen next, so you can keep the ball rolling!

Question Gathering Workshop Template

Unify your stakeholders and prioritize together

This workshop template makes it easy to give every stakeholder a voice—and come together on the best way to move forward with competing priorities.

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