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Usability Test Checklist

Don't miss a beat! Prepare for your next usability testing session with this simple checklist that helps you plan every step of the way—then use it again and again.

Guide by Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Don't forget any details.

From creating a screener survey to planning backup participants and signing consent forms, you can rest assured that you'll have everything in order.

What you'll find inside

✔ What to prepare 2-3 weeks before

Design your test, recruit participants, and book out dates.

What to tackle 1 week before

Write tasks, invite colleagues, and send out best practices.

✔ How to prepare for the day of the test

Test technology, turn off distractions, and walk through NDA and consent forms.

✔ What to accomplish 1 day after

Send incentives and thanks to participants, follow up for more studies.

Usability Test Checklist

Plan out your next usability testing project with ease

This checklist will keep you on track and make sure that no important task slips through the cracks.

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