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dscout Launches Usability Testing to Power More Flexible, Collaborative Research

Our new usability feature deepens evaluative research capabilities and powers additional collaboration across teams.

"Today's research landscape requires adaptability and collaboration. At dscout, we've responded to our clients' needs by enhancing our platform with increased usability testing, creating a unified space where comprehensive research activities can seamlessly unfold across internal teams."

Michael Winnick, Founder and CEO of dscout

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new usability testing feature in the dscout platform, along with a new user type to make it easier than ever for customers to run the research they need with their fellow researchers, designers, product managers, and more.

Usability testing, welcome to dscout Express

You asked and we listened—we’ve created an expanded usability feature to deepen evaluative research capability for you and your team.

Our new usability testing capabilities can be accessed exclusively through Express, dscout’s quick-turn unmoderated research product.

We’ve added:

  • New task questions

  • Continuous recording

  • Prototype testing

  • Key usability metrics (like time-on-task and ease ratings)

Customers can quickly gather the variety of high-quality data they need, save hours on analysis, and easily involve stakeholders or additional collaborators in the process.

Usability testing is now live in the dscout platform. To learn more about how dscout can elevate your team’s research, check it out here.

Bring your stakeholders into the action with the Contributor seat

In the spirit of collaboration and broadening access to research, we’ve unveiled a new user type—the “Contributor” seat. After hearing from users, we knew we needed to address the evolving demands of research projects and allow stakeholders to be more easily invited into the work being done.

In addition to collaborative tools like Viewer seats and hidden observers, the new Contributor seat lets UXR teams focus on high-impact foundational, generative, and evaluative research, while allowing cross-functional teammates to run research of their own with guard rails and approvals in place ensure quality.

Our new usability testing capabilities and the Contributor seat underscores our commitment to powering high-quality research, all while empowering customers to consolidate their experience research within a single platform.

Learn more about dscout’s new contributor seat.

There’s so much more to come, including the introduction of card sorting capabilities and more coming to the platform throughout Fall 2023.

Usability testing is now live in the dscout platform. Learn more about how dscout can elevate your team’s research.

About dscout

dscout is a leader in experience research, enabling the world's most innovative companies to unlock human insight at scale.

Recently named as a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Experience Research Platforms, dscout’s flexible remote research technology platform allows organizations to handpick research participants, field a multitude of moderated and unmoderated methodologies, accelerate analysis, and create impactful, media-rich research deliverables.

Learn more about who we are and what we do.

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