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Get media-rich responses quickly and at scale

Gather in-context feedback on test-ready concepts

Get media-rich feedback from 250+ scouts. Use it to gut-check a new feature idea, capture reviews of a beta release, or benchmark your solution against a competitor’s.

Collect a robust catalog of photos or videos

Build a collection of media that moves the needle with your stakeholders. Gather in-context photos or videos that effectively showcase usage or behavioral trends.

Move at the speed innovation demands

Compile multimedia data you can trust and use within hours. Responses are automatically evaluated for complexity (like grammar and length), and composition (like video steadiness and light).

Hear from the right people, right away

Set response quotas on multiple choice questions to place specific caps on experiences or criteria. With a single click, balance your entries across demographics (no more than 65% of entries from any group).

dscout in action

Express is a flexible, powerful, and accessible tool for capturing authentic feedback and scaling insights.

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