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Research ideas

Gain insight into the user’s interactions with journey mapping

Understand user needs and collect a combination of user's feelings, challenges, and steps in a visual path.

Ways to use

With dscout, move through each step of the user journey to easily identify any obstacles and opportunities along the way

Identify unmet needs

No more guesswork. Understanding customer needs across different interactions allows you to identify gaps in the journey, share findings across the organization, and minimize future frustrations.

Follow digital journeys

Mapping out how customers navigate your site lets you pinpoint blockers, user intent, or unknown interactions, allowing you to create personalized experiences across all digital touchpoints.

Unbiased observation

Use a combination of moderated and unmoderated studies to visualize all user experiences in a single place and show your stakeholders exactly what customers think, feel, and do at each stage.

Walk in your customer's shoes

Challenge your assumptions. Collect real-world user journeys to better understand how customers interact or adopt new features. Use your findings to minimize customer roadblocks during product development.

“You can use dscout to capture things over time, but also capture these real-life moments of when things go right, when they go wrong, and then also use it as a tool for reflection.”

Key Features

Your journey mapping toolkit

Document user interactions, emotions, and touchpoints as they engage with your product. Use your findings to create better experiences, drive satisfaction, and foster brand loyalty.

Flexible methodologies

Triangulate Diary studies with quick-hit validation in Express, or dive deeper using Live interviews.

Video and screen recordings

Screen captures and videos help you to see individual points throughout the journey in full detail, in real-time.

Map activities

Multiple entries and parts help you divide your unmoderated study to suit whatever journey you're tracking.

Flexible timeline

dscout helps you field over hours, days, weeks, or even months to ensure you track the full user journey.

Tag and filter entries

Tag different journey activities as they emerge and filter by groups, questions, or demographics for more accessible analysis.

Automatic transcriptions

Get automatic transcription of videos and moderated studies to cut down on note-taking and speed up analysis so you can focus on making informed decisions.

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