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Research ideas

Determine if your work is heading in the right direction with concept testing

Put early-stage ideas in front of your audience and see how people react to them before moving forward.

Ways to use

Concept testing with dscout helps you collect feedback on early-stage ideas

Validate initial thoughts

Get validation in your creative process to confirm that raw concepts are not only intriguing but also aligned with real users' needs and desires.

Gut check low-fidelity prototypes

Discover whether your ideas resonate as intended, confirming your vision aligns perfectly with their expectations.

Find gaps while there’s time to pivot

Reveal imperfections you might have overlooked to refine your concept—and ensure your idea is less exposed to unexpected hurdles along the development path.

Reduce development risk

Mitigate the chances of costly missteps and wasted resources. Make informed decisions based on data-backed insights, not guesswork

“We need to test the concepts that we're creating by gauging customer responses and emotional reactions to our earliest conceptual models. We start out with two-dimensional things that are very easy to show people via a Live mission. This provides real-time feedback.”

Key Features

Your concept testing toolkit

Including concept testing in your research allows for insights into reactions before moving forward. With dscout's flexible research tools, gain valuable insights quickly.

Unmoderated surveys

Collect quick feedback on concepts before investing more resources into them. Videos and photos to give in-depth insights from participant responses.

Stimuli prompts

Show off your concepts and see participants' reactions, then follow up with a talk-out-loud question or selfie-style video to better understand their thoughts.

Ranking questions

Use ranking questions for a comparative analysis of different concepts and identify the most promising options.

Carrying over answers

Carrying over (piping) answers lets you easily follow up on particular concept choices while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Card sorting

Understand how users think to refine mental models, assign hierarchy, and prioritize content and features to align with the expectations of specific user groups, resulting in a more user-friendly product.

Early-stage usability tests

Using usability tests early on in the product development process, even before a prototype is finalized, can provide valuable feedback that can inform future iterations.

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