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Research ideas

Better understand your user base with general exploration

See why people are doing things and what they think at a given moment.

Ways to use

Connect with your user and immerse yourself in their day-to-day with general exploration research on dscout

Observe first

Observe and interact with users to get a grasp of their daily context, challenges, and aspirations to start ideating more user-centric solutions.

Understand digital experiences

Explore the unknown. Uncover unexpected insights, issues, or opportunities and fill gaps in your knowledge of the digital user experience.

Tune into real-life user situations

Immerse yourself in the user perspective. Use foundational research as an empathetic approach to design products and solutions that meet people’s real needs and expectations.

Identify pain points and goals

Validate the existence/significance of a problem or desired outcome and see what patterns arise across your audience. Use your findings to create a solid foundation for problem-solving and innovation.

“More than ever before, we’re striving for consumer-led innovation. Tools like dscout allow us to walk that walk, by truly understanding the consumers we serve.”

Bill Holsten
Front-end Innovation Lead

Key Features

All the tools you need for general exploration

Gain valuable insights and ensure you’re on the right track before diving into specific, targeted research or development activities. Get more context and see why people do what they do with dscout’s flexible suite of tools.

Diary studies

The perfect method for understanding user context and really getting to know your customer. Our advanced Diary tool is unmatched by the competition.

Analysis tools

Cut through noisy, abstracted data—use filters, tagging, and synthesis tools to quickly distill broad datasets before diving into more targeted research.

Comments on entries

Your entire team can jump into the study, collaborate asynchronously, and pull insights on their timeline.

Photos and videos

Virtually meet your users where they are and get the context that you didn’t know you needed.

Messaging with participants

Send due dates, reminders, and general information to participants to boost engagement and ensure results.

Mobile interviews

Discuss an individual's needs, challenges, and behaviors through mobile interviews and get a glimpse directly into your participants' lives.

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