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Research ideas

Generate new ideas for your product with product discovery

Understand user needs, market dynamics, and potential opportunities.

Ways to use

Product discovery with dscout helps you discover product opportunities

Gut-check product initiatives

Avoid chasing unfeasible ideas and ensure that your efforts are focused on the projects most likely to succeed in the market.

Get continuous customer feedback

Stay closely connected to your target audience and gain insights into evolving market trends, pain points, and emerging demands.

Foster creativity and innovation

Enable teams to get creative in their generative research and gap and white space analysis, opening the door to unexpected concepts that set you apart from competitors.

Drive efficient product iterations

Use data-driven insights and user feedback to make small but impactful adjustments that enhance your product's performance, usability, and value proposition.

“With dscout's mobile Live interviews, you could tell folks felt comfortable sharing moments, experiences, and impressions more freely. There was a sense of intimacy and safety that's critical to what we're building.”

Key Features

Your product discovery toolkit

Get the insights and data needed to make informed decisions, reduce risks, and increase the chances of launching a successful product that meets user needs.

Moderated interviews

Dive deep into participants' needs and product expectations with guided conversations. Gain rich qualitative data and a comprehensive understanding of user perspectives.

Unmoderated screen recording

Witness digital product usage firsthand with a quick-turn survey. Gain real-time insight to spot efficiency issues, gather unfiltered feedback, and identify potential improvements.

Longitudinal qualitative surveys

Unveil usage patterns across an extended period of time with diary studies. Capture context-rich information—helping you make informed decisions throughout the product development process.

Participant control

Ensure a diverse range of experiences and opinions in your study. Control over participant selection allows for more nuanced recruitment and a holistic understanding of your audience’s needs.

Video data

Visual evidence of user struggles and successes brings the user experience to life, making it easier to empathize with your audience and drive meaningful design improvements.

Quick surveys

Gut-checking each product iteration by gathering user feedback with a less than 48-hour turnaround survey can optimize resources, develop more effectively, and accelerate time to market.

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