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dscout for Food and Beverage

Cater to your customers’ evolving needs with a research partner you can trust

Drive F&B innovation and market success by uncovering rich consumer insights.

Why choose dscout for food and beverage companies?

Use direct customer feedback to drive product innovation, enhance experiences, and secure your spot as a market leader with our advanced research tools.

Consumer-centric insights

Deep dive into consumer preferences, dietary habits, and flavor preferences and develop products that truly resonate with your target buyers.

Trend monitoring

Ensure your offerings stay relevant. Keep up with culinary trends, ingredient preferences, and emerging dietary movements with dscout's analysis capabilities.

Product development

Gather feedback at every stage of product development to ensure your offerings meet evolving consumer needs and expectations.

How food and beverage companies utilize dscout's research tools

New product innovation

Beverage companies use dscout to conduct taste tests, flavor trials, and packaging studies to create innovative new product concepts that will better resonate with consumers.

Menu optimization

Restaurant chains collect feedback on menu items, portion sizes, and pricing strategies to optimize their menu offerings and improve customer satisfaction.

Real consumer insights

Food manufacturers track consumer perceptions of ingredients, nutritional preferences, and dietary restrictions to inform product formulations and marketing messages.

Brand perception studies

Snack food companies conduct diary studies to gauge consumer sentiment toward brand messaging, packaging designs, and advertising campaigns, allowing them to refine their brand strategy and enhance brand loyalty.

“You can write a three-page report, but a three-minute video with six people talking is a whole lot more illustrative.”

Brendan Haigh
General Manager of Innovation @ Miraka Limited

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