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Research ideas

See real-world usage with “in-the-wild” research

Whether in-home use tests (IHUT) or unboxing, gain in-context insights in the most natural environment.

Ways to use

In-the-wild with dscout helps you see usage in a natural environment

Unbiased observations

Minimize bias in your results. In-the-wild research helps participants behave more naturally in familiar settings.

Real-world applications

Get valuable insights into real-world applications, making the findings more relevant to practical situations.

Longitudinal perspectives

Track for weeks or even months at a time. Answer your questions about how customers interact with the brand, the product, or your site over time.

Usage lifecycle

See your product in action from unboxing to initial setup and usage across key milestones. Identify how people use it like they normally would.

“Many of our designers were getting frustrated that there was a lot of wear testing feedback coming through and a lot of changes being asked for in the product that we were creating, but they didn't necessarily know the why behind that. [dscout] really allowed us to change that.”

Vanessa Dillof
Senior Director of Consumer Insights

Key Features

All the tools you need for “in-the-wild” research

Make data-driven decisions, improve your products, and ultimately enhance user satisfaction by integrating feedback from their daily live usage.

Moderated mobile interviews

Deep dive into user sentiments or reactions and explore their experiences and preferences within the specific context you're interested in.

Diary studies

Diary studies provide detailed user interactions, uncovering valuable insights at every step of the product lifecycle. Understand how users engage with your product and identify pain points or areas for improvement.

Unmoderated testing

Testing the usability of a product in the user’s real context provides unfiltered feedback. Identify areas of improvement with an unmoderated survey.

dscout's Special Services

Launch a highly specialized recruiting screener to run a test with people who already own a specific product. Or, run a complex project by sending a physical product to participants to use, and gather data about their use over time.

Photos and videos

Incorporate rich media to capture user interactions in their natural setting. And close the gap between observation and real-world application, allowing you to witness how users integrate your product into their daily lives.

Clips and playlists

Transform in-the-moment experiences into video clips. Analyze automatic transcriptions, and use dscout's robust editing options to turn them into compilable playlists to share with your stakeholders.

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