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Research ideas

Capture in-the-moment experiences in their natural setting

“Places and spaces” research helps you mimic home visits, intercepts, shop-alongs, and more to get a pulse on how people behave in their everyday lives.

Ways to use

Places and spaces with dscout helps you get a pulse on people’s everyday lives

In-person shop-along

Observe and understand consumer shopping behavior with either moderated or unmoderated approaches, depending on your needs.

In-home tours

Gain media-rich data with an in-home tour. Ask participants to show what products or tools they already own and use—or don’t use—and why.


Trying to find someone catching a flight? Picking up groceries? Target the perfect audience with our 100,000+ high-quality, engaged "scouts" at the ready.

Real-time digital experiences

Capture in-context “Aha!” moments and see how customers behave in their digital environments for unique insights other approaches can’t replicate.

“It allows us to spend more time with people than we could doing traditional in-home, in-context ethnography. Being able to spend multiple days with someone and have moments that span across time is really useful.”

Key Features

All the tools you need for “places and spaces”

Incorporating “places and spaces” in your research helps you capture experiences in their natural setting. With dscout's flexible tools, you’ll gain valuable insights into how users interact in their daily lives.

Moderated interviews via mobile

Say goodbye to location constraints and ride along with participants on journeys remotely. Participants can join your study from anywhere, ensuring a diverse pool of insights.

Forward-facing videos and photos

Elevate your research with compelling visual content. dscout allows you to collect videos and photos from participants, providing a holistic view of their surroundings and experiences.

Diary studies

Dive into participants' day-to-day lives, capturing their experiences, thoughts, and emotions as they unfold—allowing you to track responses and perceptions over time. Witness how their behavior in a particular place evolves.

Task questions with talk-out-loud prompts

Gain a deeper understanding of decision-making by hearing people vocalize their choices and considerations. Combining task completion with talk-out-loud prompts captures the most authentic reactions and natural behavior.

Flexible recruiting

Save valuable time and resources by tailoring dscout's participant pool to meet your specific research needs. Whether it's someone picking up groceries or heading to the airport, adjust your recruitment strategy as your requirements evolve.

Omnichannel research

Look at digital spaces as well as physical. With dscout, you can seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile environments within a single study.

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