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Research ideas

Foster collaboration with ideation and co-creation research

Work directly with your audience to come up with new ideas for your product.

Ways to use

Ideation and co-creation research on dscout allows you to get creative and explore new concepts by brainstorming directly with your audience

Enhance engagement

Participatory design makes your target audience feel like they’re part of the decision-making process, leading to greater buy-in and support for your solutions.

Reduce potential risk

Involve stakeholders early in the development process to reduce potential issues and address challenges proactively, mitigating the risk of costly mistakes in the roadmap.

Ideate new possibilities

Work alongside your customers to ideate new solutions and develop groundbreaking concepts. Explore everything from branding and packaging to product features and beyond.

Get feedback on demand

Through the define and design phases, continuously leverage user input to adjust and improve the product before you build.

“Co-creation is not just some creative, fuzzy, front-end thing. The dscout missions actually helped us determine one of the most fundamental, left-brain, engineering things: the dimensions of the phone.”

Key Features

Your ideation and co-creation toolkit

Unlock the potential of ideation and co-creation research to drive innovation, enhance collaboration, and gain deeper insights into user preferences. Ensure the best ideas and user-centric solutions guide your projects.

Unlimited photos

Unlimited photos empower you to transform abstract user designs into tangible visuals, providing clear options for the development process.

Selfie-style videos

Selfie-style videos facilitate brainstorming, fostering creativity and originality, even in unmoderated settings.

Screen sharing during moderated studies

Screen sharing allows you to witness user ideas in real time, facilitating more conversation and collaboration.

Automatic transcription

Automatic transcription ensures no valuable insights are overlooked, saving precious time and unveiling concealed gems of user feedback.

Ranking questions

Use ranking questions to run a comparative analysis to identify the most promising ideas, and streamline decision-making and innovation.

Interview with multiple moderators

Collaborate and moderate interviews with your team to introduce various perspectives and discover new possibilities as you conduct and analyze these studies.

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