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3 Keys to Building a Flexible Research Practice in Turbulent Times

AJ Joplin @ Forrester, Andy Warr @ Dropbox, Renee Reid @ LinkedIn, Julie Norvaisas @ dscout

Economic strain, disruptive technologies, and organizational overhauls are impacting Research teams more than ever.

Research leaders need to have a deep understanding of the biggest challenges their organizations are facing, prove that research can help address them, and that research is making an impact across the business.

Join AJ Joplin, Senior Analyst at Forrester, Andy Warr, Director Portfolio Research & Insights at Dropbox, Renee Reid, Senior Manager, UX Design Research at LinkedIn, and Julie Norvaisas, VP of Research at dscout, as they discuss the importance of a research program that is comprehensive, successfully democratizes research, and can be more clearly tied to business objectives.


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