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Recruit from our 100,000+ panel—in less time, and with less paperwork

Use dscout Recruit to handpick engaged, diverse, platform-knowledgeable participants.

Start-to-finish recruiting in 3-5 days

Launch a screener for approval and see applications as they pour in. Access responses in real-time, rate applicants on fit, and invite participants to your study in a single click.

See and hear from participants before starting your study.

Choose the most articulate, expressive, and remote-research ready scouts by evaluating their photo, video, and open answer responses.

Diverse scouts, balanced samples

Select from a panel that represents all US states, metropolitan areas, income brackets, ethnicities, gender identities, household compositions, and age ranges. Balance your applications across demographics with a single toggle, or set quotas for applicants on any multiple choice question.

Quality checks powered by machine learning

Sift through entries faster with our filters for “expressiveness” and “low quality.” This weeds out short, or hard-to-view-or-hear video responses, and brings forth longer, grammatically correct, full-sentence responses.

Easy-sorting screener designs

Filter participants on demographic information and responses, and add bookmarks and custom tags to applications. Use terminate logic (knock-out questions) to ensure the scouts you see meet your “must-have” criteria.

dscout in Action

Great recruits power impactful research. See how dscout’s participants can power yours.

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