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dscout for Technology

Get the in-context data you need to make every stage of your product development cycle user-centric.

Build more intuitive, equitable products by collecting better user insights

Connect to users at greater speed and scale

Whether you need focused feedback in 48 hours, or to watch your users interact with your product over the course of weeks—dscout can unearth in-context, needle-moving data.

Inject user-centric feedback throughout the product lifecycle

From in-depth feedback on an early concept, to final thoughts on a prototype, our engaged panel is ready to weigh in. Participants can share screens, respond to your stimuli, snap photos, or record selfie videos—all on desktop or mobile.

Build a more collaborative research practice

Invite observers to your interviews. Make easy-to-share highlight reels in-platform. Notify a stakeholder of a trend with a quick @-mention. Or seamlessly share choice videos and responses via slack integrations.

Dilip Bhatia, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Lenovo

"dscout helps non-researchers empathize with our users. The platform enables us to capture the voice of the customer and share their perspectives throughout Lenovo."

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