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Get your most critical research questions answered

Unearth essential insights, generate high-impact shareables, and engender org-wide empathy with a dscout trial subscription.

From “hm…” to “aha!” in 4 steps

Design and program "missions" that capture in-the-moment data from participants—moderated or unmoderated, on mobile or on desktop.

Find the right participants from our pool of 100k+ scouts, or easily onboard your own participants.

Press "go" on your unmoderated study and see scout responses in real time. Or invite participants to a Live mission and easily schedule an interview time.

Tag your entries and start to synthesize. Automatically generate charts and word clouds, and easily filter to the most expressive entires.

Start collecting in-context data fast

Recruit with dscout and fill your screener within 48 hours. From there, fielding is as easy as building your mission, selecting your participants and pressing “launch.”

Make your research resonate

Filtering, auto-transcribing and auto-tagging make it simple to mine for high-impact insights. Collaborate with colleagues and easily share videos and text snippets with your stakeholders.

Talk to an expert, not an answering machine

Whether your question is about product features or study design—our support team can help. Your dedicated advisor is a research professional, able to tackle the thorniest technical challenges, or most critical methodological concerns.

See what insights you can unearth with a trial subscription

Ready to start remote research at scale?

Tackle multiple projects, and get multiple researcher seats, with a full dscout subscription.

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