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Project Prep and Proposal Template

Keep scope creep at bay by thoroughly understanding what the project entails from the start, and communicating with your stakeholders.

Guide by Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Scope creep is just as bad as it sounds. It happens when a scope change occurs without accurate documentation or process. Typically, you’re looking at the uncontrolled growth of a project.

Suddenly you've gone from conducting five usability tests to 15 tests, a survey, and a follow-up concept test on this new and exciting feature we have to get information on.

This project prep and proposal template will make it easier for you to break down your workable hours and prevent unpleasant surprises from occurring.

What you'll find inside

✔ Learn to ask the right questions

Choose from a list of 20+ questions the will help you thoroughly prepare for the project ahead.

Break down what to put in a proposal template

Work from several examples that show how to lay out your insights in a clear and helpful way.

✔ Figure out important details

What is the price of the project, your payment schedule, and overall timeline? Lay it all out here.

Check out proposal package examples

See how to break down and compare a lean or strategic package, including deliverables and estimated hours.

Project Proposal Template

Break it down so you can prepare

Copy this template to estimate your project hours and make a winning proposal to win over new client business.

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